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We have many locations where our products can be purchased:  

Our Own Memory Lane Dairy Store - Fordland

Apple Market -Rogersville
Cogdill's Country Store - Regersville

Mill Tavern - Springfield
Rex Smith, West Bypass - Springfield
Sunshine Valley, Corner of 125&D Highway.
Turners Station,  Off East Sunshine - Springfield
Winslows, Glenstone - Springfield

Kleiers Farm & Home - Seymour
Morris Hardware - Seymour

C&N - Marshfield
Shetles Discount Grocery - Norwood
Jean's Health Food - Ava
Nixa Hardware - Nixa
Herbs & Such - Republic

Orders for Pasteurized whole milk (Not Homogenized, so cream settles) can be left with the store of your choice.   

Buy your Milk in a glass bottle with a deposit the first time.  Return your bottle and pay only for your milk the next time.